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What's Exciting About Our Product ?

We understand that operational, routine maintenance services are not enough to ensure that the performance of your machine stays the way it was when you purchased it.

Over time, the productivity of your machine decreases even though it starts drawing more electricity.

We are here to revolutionise the maintenance providing industry.

The essence of SPartan is preventive maintenance.

We help  you monitor the health of your power electronic system, without any human interface.

Constant condition monitoring catches issues that are left unnoticed during operational maintenance.

Data is visualised and analysed round the clock, making it possible to address even the slightest discrepancy, & customise solution according to the exact problem.

With our dedicated fault detection algorithm, gauge what could be the possible reasons behind under-performance of machine, & avail our recommendations for eradicating it.

We customise our device to suit the needs of your power electronic system.

We make it possible to monitor your power electronic system even in the most inaccessible places.

With the rich history of visualised, analysed data on the web, eliminate the need to maintain any paperwork and/or maintenance records.

Improve your line of product by monitoring and evaluating possible faults in the current line.

Save cost and time by preventing down-time and breakdown.

You can visualise and analyse various parameters of your power electronic system, hence detecting faults before they aggravate.

And of course, ensure lower electricity costs.

Because Prevention > Cure

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